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Annual travel insurance

The essentials…

  • Ideal for those who travel more than once a year
  • Coverage for emergency medical expenses and repatriation
  • You choose the number of days to be covered (top-up coverage available)
  • Convenient and cost-effective

Are you a frequent traveller? With annual travel insurance (also called multi-trip coverage) you are fully covered every time you leave home.

What is covered?

Emergency health care

Includes coverage for a medical emergency or illness that occurs while the policy is in effect.

Health professionals

Treatment by the specific healthcare professional(s) you need.

Travel assistance

Whatever your emergency, we are just a phone call away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Guaranteed rate

Call 1-855-808-1010 and speak with an agent to see if you qualify for a two-year guaranteed rate.

Optional insurance coverage

Your annual travel insurance can also include:

Call us at 1-855-808-1010 for a quote!

Speak with an agent if…

  • Your health condition is stable and you are able to travel
  • You show signs of illness prior to leaving
  • You are interested in extending your trip

How to submit a claim?

Contact the company that sold you the annual travel insurance to learn how to submit a claim.

Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered

Travel insurance for visitors to Canada


Travellers heading south for 3+ months



Family and single-parent coverage while away

Visitors to Canada

Visitors to Canada

Travellers, immigrants, foreign students/workers

Travel insurance for students


Canadians studying abroad and international students studying in Canada

Travel insurance for Canadian expatriates


Canadians working, living or studying abroad

Travel insurance for inpatriates


Canadians returning home after an extended period abroad

Travel insurance for groups


Travelling with 10+ people

Travel insurance for sports teams

Sports teams

Amateur players and coaches